General Information

Despite some changes, the rules used on the ice are those of hockey Quebec

  • As a result of an accumulation of three minor penalties in one game, the offending player will be ejected from the game in progress.
  • Following a gap of seven goals in the third period, the time will not be timed to the end of the game and although the gap back down 7 goals.
  • When is tie after three periods, a extra 5 minutes will be played four against four, and if still tied, the shootout follow.

Rule of good conduct

The Adult Hockey League is a friendly league. The players involved in this league are adults who have to pay a subscription in order to be part of a team and participate in the league’s activities, and, thereby, wish to do their sport in a safe context.

For a few years now, there has been situations were some actions and gestures took place between players that could have great consequences. Hence, the league’s committee was questioned by many of its members in order to try to eliminate these gestures and actions that do not have their place amongst our league. With this process, the league’s committee has no intentions of overriding the referees’ decisions and rule applications.

Our rule of good conduct wants to encourage the players to be responsible of their actions on the ice in order to prevent regrettable gestures and actions that could have regrettable consequences for another player. We all know that hockey is an intense and emotional sport, but we have to keep in mind that we are in a friendly hockey league above all and, mostly, without contact.

Therefore, the league’s representatives have mentioned to the referees to be stricter in their applications of the rules and their sanctions regarding language used towards them, gestures taken towards them or between players and dangerous hits that could happen during a game between players.

The league’s committee will respect the referees’ decisions concerning suspensions, except if the action leading to a suspension is serious enough so that they (the referees) decide to meet with the league’s representatives in order to take the appropriate actions in response to the player at fault’s actions.

In the event that a team’s representative is at fault, he will not participate in the league’s process to render a decision. Also, any decision taken by the league in such case will have to be made as soon as possible. To do this, if more than half of the committee are present, the meeting will go forward. The player at fault will not be allowed to play (with his team or replacing in another team) until the committee has a meeting and rendered a decision. The games misted by the player will not count for a suspension, if a suspension is issued.


The suspensions given to players according to their actions are of at the referees’ discretion except in the case were the referees needed to consult with the league’s committee.

However, the suspensions given by referees to players for actions and gestures that happen during a game and do not need a special meeting will be logged by the league’s committee for future reference.

In order to prevent recidivism, the committee of the league will take the following actions:

1 st offence:
Warning to the player at fault by the committee

2nd offence:
Meeting between the player and the league’s committee to explain his actions + 3 additional suspension games on top of the suspension games given by the referees.

3 rd offence:
Definitive expulsion of the league.

Please note that these offenses are retroactive for players who have been suspended in the past for similar gestures and actions.

A suspended player will not be allowed to replace another player until he has served his suspension with his team. His team representative will have to advise him as soon as possible.

If a player is replacing in another team and is suspended following an incident, he will have to serve his suspension with his team, without the possibility to replace for another team.

Molson Ex Adult Hockey League of New Richmond (comitee)
Denis Pietrantonio
Dany Voyer
Adam Whelsh-Leblanc
Mathieu Martin
Michel Loubert